We believe in relational ministry and in walking
alongside the young people in our communities
as they grow up in such a volatile world.

We believe in Jesus Christ and are humbled to
be a part of life-giving, transforming ministries
that reach people in practical ways.
We believe that hope for our communities is fostered
through providing safe places for our young people
to receive consistent guidance and training, encouraging
them to become productive and responsible citizens.
We believe in extending support to citizens of
other countries through US domiciled organizations.
One such priority is to help those who minister to
children in critical need of nurturing homes.
We believe in supporting those who care for children in crisis,
providing stable homes and hope for their futures.

We believe in doing what we can
to ease the burdens of children and
families suffering with illness.

We believe in assisting children and families
through rehabilitative therapy and education.

We believe in the fight to end human trafficking,
domestic violence, and child abuse.

We believed in our mission of providing
loving Christian homes to hurting children.
We as Christians have even a greater need today to raise up
young ministers who can effectively proclaim the
good news of Jesus Christ to be the light to the whole world.
We have found Davison Bruce to be an organization of
encouragement, refreshment, and genuine love and care.
Jesus urged his followers to not waste their life, efforts, and
wealth investing in temporary, earthly things, but instead to give
themselves fully to things that matter, that last, and are eternal.
Deepening Teen Impact Initiative” and the
Club’s high school seniors have a 100% graduation rate.
[My sister] won many battles throughout her five years of life with several heart surgeries and procedures…[Through] so many generous givers, we were blessed with gifts of time, special items for [my sister] and prayers.

The Davison Bruce Foundation is the product of the generosity and vision of Elizabeth (Bettie) Davison Bruce.

Bettie – or simply “Mom” to many, whether relatives or not – established this foundation in 2005 as a vessel to ease suffering, to promote the gospel, and to foster self-sustaining rehabilitative practices.

Mom had a generous heart and found great joy in helping others; she had a way of making everyone feel special, as though they were her absolute favorite. She also had a unique ability to hold people accountable while expressing genuine compassion and understanding. Although she passed away in September 2011, her family strives to continue her vision and stewardship through the Davison Bruce Foundation. We are humbled by and thankful for the relationships we have made with those of you who continuously work to improve the quality of life in your communities. You are the game- changers, and Mom’s legacy lives through you; for that, we are grateful.

We invite you to learn more about our foundation, our funding priorities, and our grantmaking process. Regretfully, we cannot fund as many organizations as we would like; therefore, we have placed some restrictions on our geographical areas of service.

Funding Priorities

“[Bettie Bruce] truly believed in our cause to raise up effective young men and women to become Christ ministers and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Karl Stegall
Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation

Please note some recent changes to our grantmaking process.

If you would like to apply, please refer to our Info for Grantseekers page and our new Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process. Grant applications are now accepted by invitation only; therefore, all grantees must first submit an LOI.

Our yearly grant cycle deadlines are:

  • Post Grant Report Deadline: January 31st. If you have received a grant from the Davison Bruce Foundation, your Post Grant Report must be submitted by this deadline in order to be eligible to apply for funding in the next grant cycle.
  • Letter of Inquiry Form Submission Deadline: February 15th.
  • Grant Application Deadline: April 1st. This is a firm deadline. Applications received after April 1st will be slated for review the following year and you may be required to complete a new Letter of Inquiry and Grant Application Form Package.