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Elizabeth (Bettie) Davison Bruce established this foundation in 2005 in an effort to share with others the blessings the Lord had given her. She also wanted to pass along to her children, grandchildren, and future generations her values regarding stewardship and Christian philanthropy. Although she passed away in September 2011, our family is honored to continue her vision through the Davison Bruce Foundation.

Our grant cycle begins September 1st and applications will be accepted until February 10th for the 2017 grant season. Any application received after the February 10th deadline will be reviewed by the board and placed on the potential grant list for the following year. This website does provide an online grant application; however, we hope you will also take a few minutes to become familiar with the mission of the foundation, our funding priorities, and organizations we support. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure that it is compatible with our giving priorities. All grant-making decisions are made at our annual spring meeting (times and locations vary), where some applicants may be invited to make presentations to the board. All applicants will receive notification shortly after our spring meeting.

We are learning more about the power of collaboration, so we would be especially interested in opportunities to help you work with other non-profits to accomplish a common goal or to combine your gifts and talents to make a greater impact. Please feel free to contact us to ask questions, provide feedback or if you encounter difficulty with our online application process as our website is currently in the process of being updated. Please note, the user name and password functionality for applicants is unavailable this year, therefore to apply, simply click on the “Apply for a Grant” icon above and you will be taken to the application instruction page and application form itself. Kindly complete the form online (noting it must be completed in full at one time) and then hit “submit application.” You will receive a personal acknowledgment from us that we have received your application. Thank you for your interest in our foundation and please know that we always welcome hearing from you!


Carolyn Bruce Reid

Kimberly Montgomery, JD
Executive Director

Elizabeth Rush Davison Bruce

"Give carefully and generously, because you never know whose life you will influence along the way."

Elizabeth Rush Davison Bruce
(March 23, 1927 - September 14, 2011)
Davison Bruce Foundation