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The Davison Bruce Foundation is interested in learning about how our grantmaking is affecting your work. We strive to build close relationships with our grantees and value communication and feedback.  Your organization’s strategies, projects, and hands on work with individuals, families and communities demonstrates how your efforts contribute to the positive change and impact we both wish to see. We would love to hear from you about how your organization’s experiences are making an impact, whether that experience involves an individual, family or families, young people, or neighborhoods or communities in need.  Please tell us how your work contributes to achieving long-term success for your constituents. By listening and responding, together we can find ways to get better results. You can help us in our efforts by:

  • Submitting your stories of impact and/or news and events that involve the grant you received from the Davison Bruce Foundation or simply provide an update or recent description of your work and the people you have impacted to our new Davison Bruce Foundation blog (see link below) or to your local community newspaper, or your own website. Please note that submissions to our blog, your local newspaper or other publication requires that you review the press release and social media release requirements on the Press Release and Social Media Release Form below.

  • Periodically checking our L E A R N: Sharing Information to Increase Impact section below to share in information and articles that can help both of us, we as grantmakers and you as fundraisers, increase your impact.

  • We invite you to scroll through our new Davison Bruce Foundation blog to see how other nonprofits are contributing social good to your community and to see if your news or upcoming event is posted.

If you have any questions, please email our office at

Thank you for working to create positive change in people’s lives and enhancing the communities in which we live.      

Foundation Staff Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding our grantmaking process or the Davison Bruce Foundation, we invite you to contact us. Please don’t hesitate to call us, email us or mail us with any questions you have regarding your Letter of Inquiry, Grant Application Form Package, Post Grant Report Form, press release regarding your grant award from us or your post on our blog.  We are interested in your news and events and stories of impact. Thank you for your interest in our foundation and all the good work you and your organizations are doing!

For general questions, please email our office at

If you wish to correspond with us through the mail, please use our foundation address below:

Davison Bruce Foundation
1910 Waverly Parkway
Opelika, AL 36801

Foundation staff is available to answer your questions regarding grant matters, news and events:

Carolyn Bruce Reid
Davison Bruce Foundation

Sharing Stories of Impact, Press Release, and Social Media Release Guidelines
The Davison Bruce Foundation does not seek publicity for its grantmaking. Our intention is always for grantees to receive the credit and attention due them for their efforts. Nevertheless, informative press releases and stories of impact are a communication tool that nonprofits can use to generate positive interest in their work, increase their donor base and build capacity. We encourage you to consider sharing information regarding your grant from the Davison Bruce Foundation and/or how your work has touched lives or communities in special and impactful ways. Sharing your stories of impact and your grant from the Davison Bruce Foundation is also an effective method to communicate the launch of a matching, lead or challenge grant campaign. If you are interested in sharing your stories of impact and your grant from the Davison Bruce Foundation, we would be happy to help you prepare a one-page press release, social media communication or feature your story on our blog.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in using the Davison Bruce Foundation logo at

Following are a few suggestions for crafting your messaging:

  • Your announcement should state the news you are sharing and focus on the grant’s overall purpose, not your mission statement.
  • Include just one or two sentences that address the larger problem being solved by your receipt of the grant award or nonprofit work. If you are writing about your grant, you might include the source, dollar amount and/or duration of the funding.
  • A brief description of your work should include the project’s objectives and impact. Try to explain why people should care in clear, everyday language.
  • Before submitting to your local newspaper, we suggest you research submission requirements, deadlines, and the appropriate contact person that will be interested in the impact of your organization’s project or program in the community.

Following is a sample press release:

  • Name of town, Name of state – The “Name of Your Organization” is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Davison Bruce Foundation to: (describe what the grant is for here.) The project/or program (include the name of the project or program) will improve lives by (state how the project or program will improve lives). In addition to the grant from the Davison Bruce Foundation, other funders included: (include the names of other funders of your project here, if there are too many, state that your organization also received funding from other grantmakers and/or the community). Close with the name of your organization, your tagline and that more information is available on your website,

Please click on the “Press Release and Social Medial Release Form” below if you wish to use our name, our logo, or an individual’s name, images, photograph and/or video clip from our website in a press release and/or social media release or blog post.

We will ask your organization to complete a Press Release and Social Medial Release Form if we wish to feature your organization, logo, an individual’s name, images, photograph and/or video clip from your organization or its website on our website or our blog. In that case, we will contact you and ask you to complete the form and obtain any necessary signatures of individuals featured in photographs or video clips, noting that a parent or guardian must sign on behalf of a minor.

Prior to publication: Print and complete the form in full, scan a copy of the completed, signed form accompanied by your press release or social media content and submit via the Upload Completed Release Form & Content button below. Retain a copy for your records. You will receive an email confirmation that your form was successfully submitted along with a copy of your Grant Application Form.

PDF Version of Press Release and Social Media Release Form

Davison Bruce Foundation for packages:
P.O. Box 4372 500 South 7th Street, #4372
Opelika, AL 36803-4372 Opelika, AL 36801
L E A R N: Sharing Information to Increase Impact

Grantees: Have you updated your Guidestar Nonprofit Profile? Did you know that Guidestar is one of the largest sources of information on nonprofit organizations? You have the power to choose how much information people see about your organization at! Providing up-to-date and complete information to the public via your Guidestar profile means that you are sharing your organization’s full story. And the best news is that updating your profile on Guidestar is free for all nonprofits. Updating your Guidestar Nonprofit Profile ensures that prospective donors and funders have access to accurate, timely information about your organization and thus provides you with the opportunity to increase funding for your organization. Guidestar information is widely used by staff from private foundations and endowments, most major U.S. based donor advised funds, community foundations as well as online giving portals such as AmazonSmile, Network for Good, JustGive and many more. Guidestar currently provides access to approximately 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations, thousands of faith-based nonprofits not required to register with the IRS, millions of Form 990 images, and accurate digitized data from millions of Forms 990. The staff of the Davison Bruce Foundation accesses Guidestar regularly as part of our due diligence process reviewing grant requests. We encourage our grantees to take the time to view, claim and update their Guidestar profiles. You need the following basic information to begin updating your organization’s Guidestar profile:

  • EIN
  • Contact information
  • Mission statement
  • Founding information
  • Most recent IRS Form 990 or audited financial statement
  • List of your programs and what you are measuring
  • Board of directors and staff list

  To learn more about the complete list of information you can share about your organization via your updated Guidestar profile, go to  

Grantees: Have you joined the “Classy” platform for social good organizations? Classy is an online platform that provides a multitude of information, articles, and best practices to enable nonprofits and social enterprises to improve their communication with potential funders, optimize their social media messaging, and conduct fundraising campaigns using a fresh, effective approach. Classy strives to empower nonprofits to take more innovative approaches to raising money and rally around their cause through their fundraising platform. Classy also has a great educational element if you are working in the nonprofit space as a social good/non-profit organization or a grantmaker. It provides the opportunity for nonprofits to participate in eCourses, podcasts and share real stores of nonprofit success. They also provide interesting resource guides and webinars. Classy provides valuable information on topics such as how to improve your nonprofit welcome emails, creative fundraising ideas, metrics for development directors, smarter ways to tap into corporate giving, the best Twitter feeds that nonprofit leaders should follow, tips to strengthen nonprofit brand identity and so much more. Classy can be used simply for information purposes or through Classy 101 where social good organizations can opt to launch online fundraising campaigns and events in a matter of minutes whether for specific projects or to fulfill their overall mission. We encourage our grantees to take a few minutes today to go to to learn more about them and take advantage of what they have to offer! Download article here