Grants We Support

The Davison Bruce Foundation has been honored to provide grants to several worthy organizations. Our members take the responsibility of stewardship very seriously as we carefully consider each application. If you are seeking a grant and question whether your association fits our mission statement, it may help to see some of the organizations we have funded in the past. We will update the featured organizations below each year.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you just a few of the causes that have captured our hearts. As a family, we are honored to serve these organizations, and we are humbled to be a small part of their work. Invest in the mind, the body, and the spirit of humankind, blessing others that they may bless the world.

Way to Serve Ministries
The Way 2 Serve Ministries facilitates sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways. Teams of individuals engage in home repair projects, yard work, painting and other manual labor to rebuild the broken walls of the Opelika/Auburn community. The ministry also builds relationships through discipleship and mentoring in at-risk neighborhoods, as well as follow up visits to homes of elderly community members and group prayer.

Way 2 Serve’s commitment to the Opelika area struck a chord with members of The Davison Bruce Foundation who grew up and live in the community. Everyone, regardless of age or means, is eligible to serve in this local ministry. When we join together to help those in need, we serve The Lord and strengthen the community.

For more information on Way 2 Serve Ministries, visit

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lee County
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Lee County offers youth ages 6-18 programs with impact during non-school hours. Club members are engaged in targeted programs in three key impact areas: Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles. One such program is “REAL Cents – REAL Change,” a learning series designed to further the enhancement and empowerment of teens through education, leadership and philanthropy. Teens gain knowledge about personal finances, wealth stewardship and philanthropy.

The Davison Bruce Foundation is grateful for programs like the Boys & Girls Clubs that teach life skills to middle and high school students. By encouraging young people to do well in school, motivating them to serve their community and charging them to take responsibility for their well-being, Boys & Girls Clubs are preparing youth for real world success.

For more information on Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Lee County visit:

Freedom 21
Freedom 21 works with local law enforcement and the FBI for the purpose of putting an end to human trafficking. By providing a safe house, stable environment, psychological care, job placement and spiritual guidance, Freedom 21 helps victims return to life as productive individuals.

The Davison Bruce Foundation applauds Freedom 21 for standing up for human rights, especially those of women and children. In His loving care and with the help of Freedom 21, individuals can be empowered to escape this underground crime ring.

For more information on Freedom 21, visit their Facebook page.

Lifeline Children's Services
Lifeline Children’s Services promotes the sanctity of life through domestic and international adoption services, foster care, orphan care, and ministry to young women in the midst of unplanned pregnancy. Since its founding, Lifeline’s commitment has remained focused on working with Christian families, to ensure that children are raised with the truth of who Jesus Christ is as their Lord and Savior.

Members of the Davison Bruce Foundation feel blessed to have been brought up in homes warmed by the love of family and Jesus Christ. We are pleased to support the important work of Lifeline Children’s Services and have been personally impacted by their good work.

For more information on Lifeline, visit:

Seeds of Hope International Partnerships
Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (SHIP) has a vision to serve the world through helping impoverished communities in the developing world by training people through holistic community development, equipping people with tools and practical skills to problem solve, transforming communities through knowledge that will free them from water borne diseases and improve quality-of-life, and partnering with churches and organizations from around the world.

SHIP is currently serving the continent of Africa by investing in the villages of Zambia. The Davison Bruce Foundation is honored to support this organization who has a global vision to make an impact on a people who are stricken with poverty and sickness. The DBF recognizes the work of SHIP as one that enriches the lives of Africans by providing education, knowledge, and skill sets that succeed even the precious gift of clean water. Most of all the DBF longs to see the nations hear the gospel of Christ, which is the heart of SHIP.

To learn more or also support Seeds of Hope International Partnership, visit their website at

Texas Honor Ride
The Texas Honor is an organization that truly has a vision as “big as Texas”. The mission of The Texas Honor Ride is to honor, directly help, and improve the quality of life of wounded warriors and their families who are recovering at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. This organization sees the men who fight for our country as true heroes and strives to care for the soldiers and their families by raising money and awareness to make their time at BAMC like a taste of home.

The Davison Bruce Foundation was immediately impressed with the passion, the sincerity, and the love that The Texas Honor Ride has for the men and women of our country. The Texas Honor Ride has personally impacted the lives of the DBF in a tangible way as we had the privilege of joining them on the ride from Houston to San Antonio.

For more information on The Texas Honor Ride, visit

Harmony House
The Harmony House of LaGrange, GA is a domestic violence shelter for women and children to find safety, shelter, and support. Unfortunately, many women and children find themselves in a dangerous home with little hope. Harmony House makes it their priority to provide families such as these with a real hope and a new life through their care and facility.

The Davison Bruce Foundation is grateful for the work that Harmony House does for women and children in the LaGrange area, home to a few DBF members. We believe all women and children deserve to live in an environment that fosters growth, love, and care not fear; therefore, we are honored to support this great organization.

For more information on Harmony House, visit

Florida Diabetes Camp
Florida Diabetes Camp is a summer camp designed for children who suffer from Diabetes. This disease can often make children feel different, isolated, or alone. The Florida Diabetes Camp provides a fun summer experience where children with Diabetes can feel free since diabetes is simply “normal”.

A lifelong childhood memory of many DBF members is camp. We are grateful to be able to pass this experience along to many children in the Florida area in this special way.

For more information on the Florida Diabetes Camp, visit

Young Life of East Alabama
Young Life is a non-profit organization supported through the generosity of individuals, churches, foundations and businesses that care about kids and support our mission.
In many ways, Young Life is a “grass roots” organization. Most of the funds given to Young Life each year come from individuals and organizations who are committed to making a difference in the lives of kids in their communities.

Our hopes, prayers, and vision – The Mission of Young Life

Introducing kids to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their relationship with him.

What we hope and pray will happen:
Every kid in the East Alabama area deserves the chance to hear about Jesus Christ in ways they can understand and have the opportunity to make a decision concerning what they believe about him before they graduate from high school.

What we want to be about:

Jesus Christ is central to our lives and message
Prayer is our primary strategy for reaching “every kid”
We aim to have intentional and courageous “front lines” relationships with kids. We enter their world.
We are relational in every level of ministry (community, donors, committee, leaders, and kids)
Excellence in all we do. Everything is done as if we are doing it for Jesus (Col. 3:23-24)
Quality ministry happens through faithful, committed, and passionate teams
We strive to be authentic and approachable; to love with no strings attached
Grace is a vital element in our own lives, our dealings with one another, and ministry to kids

For more information on Young Life, visit

Storybook Farm
Storybook Farm, Inc. provides year-round equine based therapeutic programs. Our therapy is tailored for children living with disabilities, those who have suffered a loss, or those who suffer from serious illnesses. We welcome children with conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, autism, cystic fibrosis, cardiovascular problems, juvenile arthritis, juvenile diabetes, kidney disorders, lung disease, Down Syndrome, muscular dystrophy, rheumatic fever, and sickle cell anemia to name a few. The gentle nature of our horses provides hope and healing.

This specially designed 25 acre facility is located in Opelika, Alabama. Since opening in 2002, hundreds of children from East Central Alabama and West Central Georgia have experienced “Hope on Horseback.”

Thanks to generous community support, our therapeutic programs are offered at no charge. As a 501(c) 3 corporation, all donations are tax deductible.

For more information on Storybook Farm, visit

Homes of Hope for Children
Our Mission

The mission of Homes of Hope for Children is to serve children in crisis throughout Mississippi by providing strong, Christian homes to every child that lives on campus while ensuring that each child is loved unconditionally and has their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met. Children We Will Serve

Our children will come from a variety of economic and ethnic backgrounds. Often, they will have experienced harmful situations and diverse family structures. Many of our children will come from courageous families who simply seek the best for their children. Due to our belief in keeping siblings together, we will serve both boys and girls ages 4-18 years of age.

Children will come to us from one of two ways. We may receive referrals by the state, or we may receive private referrals from community partners or from families themselves. The children that do come to Homes of Hope for Children will not be there because of any wrongdoing on their part but because of their circumstance in life.

We will have a full-time licensed counselor on our campus to provide services to the children and their families. Some children may stay with us for a few months, others a few years. According to statistics in the related foster care system, we can expect about 25% of the children who come to live with us to remain in our care until they graduate high school. One of our services will be working with the children and their families through counseling, with the ultimate goal of uniting the traditional family together when at all possible and only when it is best for the children.

For more information on Homes of Hope for Children, visit

Blood:Water Mission
Blood:Water Mission is a grassroots organization that empowers communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. Blood:Water Mission is a non-profit organization founded by the members of the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning band, Jars of Clay, and it exists to promote clean blood and clean water efforts in Africa, tangibly reducing the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic while addressing the underlying issues of poverty, injustice and oppression. Blood:Water Mission is building clean water wells, supporting medical facilities, and focusing on community and worldview transformation, both here in America and in Africa.

We recognize that numbers and statistics are hard to grasp, and that sometimes a step back is necessary to conceptualize the enormity of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Yet we also know that simply standing from a distance with arms thrown in the air is not a solution. We believe in pressing inward, in building relationships and bridges with communities in Africa. We believe in hearing personal stories and walking alongside brothers and sisters who have demonstrated strength and faith in the midst of desperate and tragic situations.

We hold fast to the conviction that we are all responsible for being good stewards of our time, our resources and our compassion in a broken world.

Every person has something to give in return for what has been received.

Please join us on this journey.

For more information on Blood:Water Mission, visit